Storm Damage to Penzance Seafront

Urgent need demonstrated for breakwater to transport infrastucture & Jubilee Pool etc.

Penzance Harbour


You may be aware that for a number of years Penzance Harbour Users Association has been promoting a scheme for harbour development at Penzance.  This proposal includes the building of a substantial breakwater to protect the Lighthouse Pier and its approach.   This will also afford protection to the railway station area and Chyandour.  The Association envisages that this breakwater would be the first stage of significant development of Penzance harbour to include an all-tide access marina and an all weather berth for the Isles of Scilly ferry.  These latter stages could attract private funding once the initial structure is in place.


The disastrous effect of the recent severe storms on the harbour infrastructure and railway station operation has highlighted the urgent need for such development. The Town and County Councils must lay plans now to identify sources of funding for the breakwater and research the engineering requirements, environmental assessments and planning/harbour revision orders necessary to achieve this urgent goal.  Nothing less than a breakwater will offer the protection this critical area needs.  The future economic well-being of the town rests on its transport links and harbour facilities.


The Association urgently requests that you lend your support to this project and councillors do all that they can to explore funding sources to achieve this goal.   Other towns in the UK have received substantial government funds to provide harbour infrastructure where it can be demonstrated that such development is critical to the future economic potential and well being of the area.   It is essential that Penzance now treads the same pathway.  The timescale will necessarily be lengthy but it is essential that we start to prepare the ground work and agree a common goal now so that not too many more disastrous events occur before protection is in place.

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Right on Rog. It's the only

Right on Rog. It's the only forward-looking way. Instead of piling rocks against the quay and waiting for the next storm we need a positive solution that will last and create new opportunities.

Roger, thanks for this

Roger, thanks for this article, very interesting. What can any of us do to support it? Where would the money come from - just Town and CC? Who are the Penzance Harbour Users Association? Should we all join!?
Roger Lowry
Thu 20 Feb