Update on the Jubilee Pool

The Jubilee Pool has taken a battering in the recent storms but the Friends are working hard with the County Council to secure its long term future

Many of you will be only too aware that the pool suffered extensive damage during the storms in February. The Friends of Jubilee Pool have now met with senior officers from Cornwall Council and local councillors and happily there is certainly a commitment on the councils behalf to ensure the pool remains operational for the longer term. The council are currently investigating a number of potential funding opportunities and it is hoped that we will have more news very soon.

The council have also agreed to form a steering group to plan a longer term strategy for the pool's future. The Friends continue to hope that the pool may reopen for the 2014 season, but it is still early days as accurate costs for the repairs have yet to be submitted. Anyone who would like to join the Friends can do so by visiting www.jubileepool.co.uk

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