Inside Llewyn Jones


Anyone who's sat in a folk club any time since1956 should see/ get a copy of "Inside LLewyn Jones", the Coen Brothers wicked satire of the adventures of a folksinger in the early days of New York's emerging folk scene. With the brothers' usual mix of observation and mischief it follows its unlikeable hero through a few days of his chaotic life. He's just talented enough to be credible and just not enough to stand out - a sad fate emphasised at the end when he quits the scene supposedly for the last time just as the sound of the future is resounding around the Gaslight Club in Greenwich village. It's cruel and funny, all its frail human (and feline) characters beautifully drawn. And for anyone who was around at the time occasionally excruciating in its accurate retrospective. Treat yourself -perhaps even join in the choruses...

Mike S-F

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