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Kiaora - Kernow
Song of the Kauri

Film maker Robin Kewell moved to New Zealand with his wife and three boys 6 years ago and has has now returned for a few weeks and during his stay will be putting on a special film event at the Acorn Theatre Penzance.

The Kiora-Kernow event will feature two award winning films from New Zealand, 'Song of the Kauri' and 'This Way of Life'. 

For the Kiaora-Kernow event Robin has chosen two very special films, " there are enough good films to fill a whole week but I had to narrow it down to two for this special evening at the Acorn, I have chosen two that will have some resonance with Cornwall, 'Song of the Kauri' is a film from the heart of New Zealand. It speaks of the mighty Kauri tree and the human history tangled in its roots. A vibrant and passionate journey into the soul of the people from the land of the long white cloud, the song of a Kauri guitar and a violin made from this wonderful resource,  the film tackles the universal politics of living on the tightrope between environmental sustainability and economic survival. One of the most important films of the year. Be prepared to ponder.

'This Way of Life' is about Peter Karena, his wife Colleen, their six children and many horses live almost wild in the stunning beauty of New Zealand's rugged Ruahine Mountains. Until, that is, Peter's escalating battle with his own father has profound consequences for the whole clan. Robin will be presenting the event and talking about film making in New Zealand.

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