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Penzance residents are doing it for themselves

Sandwich wrappers, drinks bottles and cans, cigarette packets, plastic bags and take-away trays litter the streets of Penzance spoiling the environment of our lovely town.  It is unpleasant enough for residents but is definitely a put-off for visitors who may well never return, and worse, tell their friends what a scruffy place Penzance is. 

Appreciating that the authorities are strapped for cash and unable to clean all but the main streets, Sue and Tony Home, who were in the tourism industry and appreciate how important tourism is to Penzance, have taken matters into their own hands and are going to pick up litter in the vicinity of their home in the centre of town. They have been supported by the Town Council and Cormac who have provided viz jackets, bags and litter pickers.  The bags of collected litter will be put out for collection on the regular days.  Sue & Tony hope that others will join this initiative, and that it will ‘snowball’ to cover a greater area and hope that cleaner streets might discourage people from dropping so much rubbish.

Nearly all the litter comes from about 5 or 6 retail outlets in the town and we hope that they might be persuaded to join the PICK-UP PENZANCE initiative and find ways of persuading their customers to use the appropriate bins.

So, if you have a little spare time, please join in and let’s PICK-UP PENZANCE and be proud of our beautiful town.  Get in touch and find out who you can contact to collect your own litter-picking kit and spread the word.  If you want to pick up a pack get some support to clean up an area that you love, then contact Mrs Jackie Mace, the Community Partmership Officer at Cormac, Redruth, tel: 01872 324 979 (she's also collecting data on how many of these "clean ups" are taking place and she's very helpful).


Susan Home

11 October 2013



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