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Dear Cornwall Council,

We attach our plans for the development of various sites in West Cornwall for your approval.

These are:

Mel-An-Tol Village, Nr Penzance – 500 dwellings, wind-farm and industrial estate. This site comprising waste ground of zero agricultural value is ideally placed for a completely new community, with streets and crescents of high-quality dwellings in ethnic Cornish style, a central office block with a revolutionary ”hole” to represent the ancient stone ring which currently stands there, a wind farm on top of neighbouring Ding Dong, and an industrial complex including a shopping mall, superstore and filling station.

Camelot Bungalows, Soggy Bottom, Duck Lane, Nr Hayle. 400 single-story dwellings with community hall, boating pool, bird-watching centre, superstore and filling station. A perfect spot for the retired folks for whom Cornwall is a dream destination, tucked away from the wind and weather in a quiet water meadow near the pretty river Lyf, this (possibly gated) community will prove an immensely popular boon for a previously undeveloped area.

Gisson Estate, St Bleak, West Penwith. 250 houses adjacent to existing village, superstore and filling station. St Bleak is recovering from its post industrial depression to become one of West Cornwall’s ‘trendier’ destinations, and this extension of its western side with its splendid views of the Atlantic ocean will expand its population and facilities to great effect. 

We understand that there are still some voices raised against large-scale developments in this area. We are grateful that Cornwall Council has had the wisdom to concentrate on the immediate financial benefits these proposals will bring to the Council and is opposing the usual naysayers who only wish to keep the area as it is. The country is desperately short of houses and these plans will transform West Cornwall in many ways.

Some malcontents – including sadly some Councillors and even MPs  -  claim that the new dwellings will not help Cornwall’s housing shortage as they will not be “affordable” in an area of low wages and high unemployment. It is true that we are a commercial company not a social enterprise and will expect a good return on our investment. However with the government’s new “Copaloan” scheme many locals are finding the prospect of buying a realistic possibility. Furthermore Cornwall has always benefited from an influx of new blood  and many of those from more prosperous regions of Britain will find our prices so competitive they may be tempted to buy several houses at once. These may become holiday homes or a welcome addition to the local private rented sector.

We at Graspo Developments are delighted that, after so many years of having been excluded from these areas on so-called environmental grounds, the doors of development have finally been flung open to allow Cornwall to truly enter the 21st century. Well done to the far-seeing Council and also to the Coalition Government, for overcoming those who claim that housing booms have been the prime cause of our current financial predicament, and for encouraging such go-ahead firms as ourselves - mission statement: “Get in, get’em up, and get out” -  to take advantage of these formerly worthless sites. As more modern Cornish entrepreneurs might say: “Profit bys Vyken!”  


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The subject of housing is of

The subject of housing is of huge importance and nowhere more so than in Cornwall where employment is at an all time low and poverty, appallingly high. I liked the deeply irony tone but would really like to know more facts; which councilors voted for development and which voted against, so that if nothing else we can make informed choices when it comes to voting next time around. I'm really glad that Mike has brought this subject up and hope that it will provoke much heated discussion.
Mike Sagar-Fenton
Wed 26 Feb