Pirates V London Scottish 1st Nov

Last night of the proms at the Mennaye as the Friday project comes to an abrupt end

Last night of the proms at the Mennaye as the Friday project comes to an abrupt end and presumably the new lights go on Ebay. London Scottish were a fast and tidy young team and the first half was a pleasure to watch as both teams took each others’ measure and tried each others’ strength. Their try in the WN corner was a pleasure to watch, if galling. After the break it turned more dour, not from the Scotties but from the home team who once again survived only on their incredibly brave goal-line defence.

After the game our coach pronounced himself quite satisfied, but the crowd were less tolerant of:

  • Too much kicking, leading once more to having a fraction of the opponents’ possession.
  • Too many basic line-out errors
  • Far too many penalties given away
  • Too clever at the scrum – this was sometimes effective but as all over the country the scrum is now seen as a penalty-grabbing manoeuvre. This can easily cut both ways and there were times when a quick heel was all that was required .
  • More consistent place kicking. How many points have we seen go to waste from easy positions already this year?
  • The referee (naturally...)

Credit to the boys for sticking with a tough tussle with a couple of close-range tries and a couple of penalties, edging it at 16-8. Commiserations to Kieran Goss who actually crossed the line after a stirring run, only to have the ball knocked out of his hand in mid-air.

The game was gaining intensity nicely towards the end until the visiting scrum-half suffered what looked like a horrid injury which killed the atmosphere off. Hope he’s OK.

So good result, but I left feeling almost as if it hadn’t happened.

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Mike Sagar-Fenton
Wed 26 Feb



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