Man Useless


Still smouldering from Manchester United's display at Olympiakos. Sorry all you who don't care or support someone else,but I've been a Man U fan since 1956 and that's the very worst I've ever seen them play. Man U have always stood for adventure, aggression, a buccaneering spirit and never-say-die escapes - and OK some good luck too. That's why we love them. But they've never come out to lose before.

I don't like the managerial revolving door but David Moyse has to go at the end of the season. Many people don't seem to have noticed that he spent his best years at Everton, a limited-expectations cautious dedicated mid-table team if there ever was one. When I saw Man U starting to play like that, especially with Fellaini wearing a red shirt, I didn't think we had a hope - he'd already turned them into another Everton. There won't be another Alex, but it's time to clear out the stable, manager and all, start again while expectations are low, and work up a new team. I'd rather see them try and fail horribly rather than waste our time booting the ball aimlessly about and hoping the other side won't score. They always will.  

I'm really bothered how much I care about this!

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Mike Sagar-Fenton
Wed 26 Feb