Pirates on the plank

Hard times at the Mennaye

I haven't reviewed any Pirates home games since Christmas, though I've been to them all. These are tough times for the team - several poor performances - especially expensive last minute lapses - have led to frustration all round, and the last tie against Ealing was a sad outing all round. The biggest cheer of the afternoon was reserved for Ealing's brillaiant passing movement starting on their own 5 metre line and ending in the Western National Corner. The Pirates are full of talent with the ball in hand and fearless in defence, but still prone to uncertainty at the line-out  - how hard can that be to practice? - and inclined to kick mindlessly into the air. Ireland recently gave a tutorial in tactical kicking which the Pirates should study (though it's pointless without line-out discipline).

Missing two fixtures might make this worse or might give them the chance to sort their problems out and regroup. We don't expect them make the play-offs - we never expected much this season and they've far exceeded the worst forebodings. Over all they deserve congratulation but they need to believe in themselves a little more, practice the basics again,and never turn in a listless performance like Ealing again. We're still behind you. Give us a P...


Mike S-F 

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Mike Sagar-Fenton
Wed 26 Feb